5 Proven Digital Marketing Tips To Win In Search, Social, & Email

Promoting your business today is more challenging than in 2009. The complexities of social media and online search will make it more difficult to raise awareness for your brand. Digital marketing can help you level the playing field with your competitors. Your business’s strategies for winning in 2020 are different than they were a decade ago. Rand Fishing, a leading authority in marketing, gave a powerful keynote address at NextCon19.Rand co-founded Mos. and Spark Toro and wrote the book Lost and Found. For more than 15 years, he has been at the forefront in search marketing. He shared insights, data and recommendations to help brands succeed in search marketing and social media at NextCon19. He gave his keynote speech, outlining the key steps to digital marketing success in 2020. These digital marketing tips will help you increase your reach, conversions and profits in 2020 and beyond.

  • Higher Engagement Results in Greater Social Reach
  • Google’s Growing Influence in Digital Marketing
  • Develop Business Models That Survive Digital Marketing Change
  • The Right Digital Marketing Metrics
  • Create a responsive and loyal email list
  • Rand Fishing Interview at NetCom Studio

1 High Engagement Results in Greater Social Reach

In just a few short years, social media marketing has made great strides. Rand spoke about three strategies to increase social media engagement during his keynote. If you want to be successful on social media, optimize for comments and engagement in. Social media platforms can penalize you for posting content that is not well-received. Positive engagement streaks can be used to drive traffic to your site. Facebook, Twitter, Google and Google have designed their sorting algorithms in a way that users are addicted. They aim to maximize the revenue of advertisers.

They care only about keeping users on the platform for longer periods of time. This means that content that keeps users on the platform longer is more effective. Rand advised the audience to “take advantage of these opportunities now, while social control is still possible.” “Three Years from now, I’m certain the landscape will look very different.” It means that you cannot post everything to social media. Your digital marketing campaigns should be selective. Your brand’s success with future content is limited by a series of missed opportunities.

2 Beware of Google’s Growing Influence in Digital Marketing

Rand, our chief marketing officer and NetCom Studios participant, was open about his distrust of Google. Rand spoke out about how Google’s algorithm makes search engine marketing more difficult for small businesses. Google can change verticals at will, such as music, travel, recipes and recipes. It can also erase the success of previous top performers. Google’s interests extend beyond search. Rand stated that it was fascinating to see the hearings this summer, when many tech companies testified before Congress.

“I can recall one congressman telling Adam Cohen, Google’s director of economic strategy, that Larry Page once stated that Google’s mission was getting information to the end-users as quickly as possible. Then he asked Adam if that was still Google. You could see Adam fall, give a non-answer and then dodge the question. We all know that the answer is no. They want people to stay on Google because it is how they monetize customers. In his keynote, he reiterated the same sentiment, explaining that SEO was not dead but Google has taken away organic clicks through featured snippets as well as in-house products. YouTube videos are also ranked higher than competitors such as Wister in search. Why is Google’s size and reach important to you? This opens up new possibilities for marketers. Digital marketing strategies of the past no longer work. Digital marketing is a great example of how you need to be open to changing your assumptions.

The Rise of Zero Click Searches

Spark Toro

Rand expressed concern about the ratio of organic and paid search clicks. Particularly, the number of zero-click searches is rising. Rand stated, “If your company can benefit from zero click searches then the world is your oyster.” This sounds appealing because it helps you cut through the noise and surface high-value extracts to the top Google. This is a great opportunity for companies who want to be an authority in their field. This search engine optimization opportunity comes with new challenges.

What search query can I use to my advantage?

  • Is it possible for my client or team to give credit for zero click rankings?
  • If you have no answer, focus your efforts on keywords that convert well. It means that if search creates value, then you should pursue it.

3 Create Business Models That Survive Digital Marketing Changes

Rand rose to stardom in marketing with the success stories of Spark Toro, Whiteboard Fridays and Moz. Although these successes seem simple, there were many bumps along the way. He wrote about so many of them in his book Lose and Founder. Yaniv was interviewed by him during NetCom Studios. He said that “Lost and Found is a guideline for me on things I should’ve done differently.” Venture capital is seen as the ultimate goal in startup/tech. Venture capitalists will find you interesting if your company is great. This will make you a superstar. But if you ponder that logic for a while, you’ll quickly realize that this message is not from the VCs or the tech press. The truth is that VC is more harmful than it is helpful because of the pressure to grow fast. Rand recommends that entrepreneurs not focus on rapid growth but instead on profitability and survival. Digital marketing alone will not save you from a failing business model.

4) Determine the right digital marketing metrics that matter

Rand addressed the topic of measurement in marketing. Rand spoke about the fallacy of influencer market. He stated that while marketers spend money on channels like influencer marketing and brand advertising, events, sponsorships, and brand advertising, they seldom track the dollars. Worse, these activities are often not linked to the company’s overall vision, mission, and goals. He adds that marketers are also obsessed with proving ROI value using last-click when it comes organic search, content marketing and email marketing.

It is absurd to measure underweight in one sector and overweight in another. This can cause you to lose your creativity and ability to think strategically. Millennials and Gen-Z are involved in influence Marketing. Rand claims that influence can be found everywhere, even though most influencer marketers are on YouTube and Instagram. You shouldn’t target the most influential people on the internet as part of your digital marketing strategy. Instead, you should focus on engagement and affinity rather than sheer size. Brands that engage with customers and trusted authorities they care about make for great marketing. Find out what content they are interested in on organic channels. Get quality brand exposure. Promote your brand to increase sales among people who consume these channels.

5) Create a responsive and loyal email list

Google can remove channels that are not performing well in search for companies, or they can build strength. YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn are all examples of this. There are not many digital marketing strategies that offer a 40-to-1 return on investment (ROI).Rand explained to Yaniv, “But if someone has an email list and they love receiving emails from you and they open them every time, it becomes difficult to compete with.” Strong email lists can grow in a flywheel fashion like few other practices. A highly engaged email list can help you create more effective marketing campaigns. The group of contacts can increase digital marketing performance beyond the audience segmentation. Retargeting is a digital marketing strategy that allows your business to reach more prospects with similar characteristics.

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