5 Tips To Keep Your Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a long-established industry. It relies on content creation and a deep understanding the SEO realm provided by search engines such as Google. Although there are many digital marketing strategies that can be followed, experts can sometimes make mistakes. Digital marketers and agencies must come up with new ideas. They must come up with new strategies to continue growing and evolving, especially in this period of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Here are some tips for digital marketers who work remotely.

Tips for Digital Marketing Success During Pandemic

1) Make Social Media Work for You

Your target audience will be at home so this is the ideal time to leverage the power of social media. Your social media profiles can be used as a hub for information about COVID-19, and how it might affect their everyday lives. Your brand can also be focused on creating content ideas that will help your target audience have fun while in quarantine. This approach will make them more likely to interact with your content. Social media can be used to reach a larger audience and build a relationship. After you have created an engagement, the next step is to find ways for your audience to engage with your product.

2) Make your business online

There are still brands that aren’t online in this digital age. Do us all a favor, if you’re still one of these brands, use the quarantine period to create a website. Your website will act as your virtual shop, so your customers don’t have to visit your physical store. With just a few clicks, they can view your products and services online. For increased web visibility, ensure that your website is optimized for SEO. To optimize your website, you can contact a Houston SEO company.

3) Take into account PPC

Your target audience is probably endlessly scrolling through social media. This means that your target audiences are more likely to click on your ads than ever before. This is why the quarantine period is the best time to start investing in PPC. We recommend creating multiple PPC campaigns to reach different audiences. This will allow you to reach more people and generate more engagements. Your PPC marketing campaign will bring you the highest number of clients after it has been successful.

4) Analysis of Competitors

You are home and have the time to research. Open your Ahrens and SEMrush and do a comparison of how your competitors are using digital marketing strategies. If you look at their social media campaigns and notice the quarantine days they have, see if it is possible to incorporate them into your campaign. An excellent social media strategy can make a huge difference in these difficult times. You can reach all your potential audiences. The strategies of marketing for franchises have changed with the times. They are becoming digitalized and more scalable every day.

5) Special Offers

You can make the most of this fact by offering discounts and promotions. People will be more likely to purchase the product if they see a special offer. It will also help you products be remembered over time, which will allow your customers to purchase them again.


These are easy steps that many marketers take as a given. You might consider consulting an SEO agency in Houston for more digital marketing advice, particularly during lockdown.

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Johnny Chen leads SEO marketing at Johnny Chen SEO. He has been researching and developing website conversion strategies over the years. His onboarding clients have continued to benefit from additional services like content creation, social media distribution and digital marketing.


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