Best Tech Startup Logos & Their Analysis

Designing for startups is the most difficult aspect of logo design. Why? Because the startup’s identity is often directly related to its success.

The logo of a business owner should be distinctive and easily recognizable. It should also reflect the purpose and personality of the company. The logo is the brand’s first and most lasting memory in the minds of its customers.

Although logos can be described as small images, they carry a lot of meaning. And designing one is a big responsibility. This is especially true for new businesses that want to make an impression, create meaningful associations, and convert customers into customers.

Did you know that 90% fail in startups? Guess what? Badly designed logos and brand identities are why many of these companies fail. To educate you about the importance of logo design, I thought it would interest me to share my knowledge.

Your logo should be easy to remember, simple, universal, adaptable, and appropriate to work:

You can also iterate

Iterate is a platform that collects customer feedback in the form of surveys. This allows teams to make better decisions and build better products.

The logo captures the idea of iteration in its simplest form. The logo’s three horizontal bars are stacked on top of each other and scaled up and faded to give the impression that something is always better with each iteration.

This simple graphic treatment gave meaning to the simplest forms, namely rectangles. This logo is simple enough to be used in small sizes but still maintains high quality.

The designer created a way for the viewer to associate the company name with the bars instantly.


You can find amazing adventures close to you in just a few minutes. No plans or dates are required. You can also create events on the flash to celebrate, assemble and get down to business.

To create the first letter of Flash, the logo uses a one-weight line. The logo is also a simplified version of a maze. The second bar of the letter “F” is drown. This can be read as a route or a way to go (a proper way), much like a maze.

It’s all about the company that connects you to adventures near you. The saturated blue color is similar to the link color and can be used to quickly connect you with the adventures that interest you.


bottle allows customers to book VIP tables and bottles of wine to exclusive nightclubs in the United States.

To create a bottle shape, the logo cleverly makes use of negative space in P letter. The second part of the company name is also abbreviated UP. Smartly connecting the U and P is possible, with P rising up.

This is the most appropriate name. We have a direct connection with the name “Up”, symbol for the bottle in the negative spaces, and P rising up.

The logo is black and white only, which gives it a chic and sophisticated look. It’s all about VIP lounges and expensive bottle service.


It is nearly impossible to learn tech online. Only 3% of those who start online courses complete them. class code allows you to learn tech through onsite classes that are taught by local instructors.

The logo is simple and uses brackets. The coding is directly related to brackets, which makes perfect sense. The logo is also very simple, making it easy to use in a variety of media.

Blue is a color that’s trusted, reliable, honest, and sincere. Think about logos for banks and financial institutions that use a blue shade.

It’s easy, it’s memorable, and it’s perfect for the tech community!


Moozicore a revolutionary music streaming service transforms background music from venues into interactive customer-sourced playlists. Customers can manage music in venues from their smartphones.

The logo features three vertical bars that have rounded edges and form an M, similar to Moozicore. The logo also represents sound waves, which is appropriate for companies that operate in the music streaming industry.

The sound-wave logo was designed in such a way that it makes us take a longer look at it. We can only decipher the true meaning of the logo and company name after we have looked at it.

You could use more bars to shape the M letter. However, it would make it more complicated and lose its attention-grabbing, abstract simplicity.

The orange color (SoundCloud-like) seems like a good choice. It’s bright and warm, which adds character to the minimalist logo.

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