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With Pinterest becoming one of the fastest growing and most popular social networking phenomena nowadays, and currently receiving even more unique visitors as it made the list for comScore’s monthly list of the top 50 sites in the U.S. (in terms of unique visitors) for September, according to social media experts, Pinterest is full of marketing potential and as such, online businesses should leverage it to drive more sales to their website.

Here are TOP 10 Ways on How to Increase your Sales Using Pinterest:

1.   Make Use of Quality Images

As Pinterest is a pinboard-style social photo sharing website that is basically all about pinning and repining pictures, make sure to pin pictures that are of high quality to optimize your selling potential. Also, make sure that the images you are using are linked directly to a page where your visitor can immediately purchase an item or communicate with the seller.

2.    Keywords in Captions

According to experts in SEO and Social Media, captions are underutilized on Pinterest yet these are the key to showing up in Pinterest searches. As Pinterest enables you to write a description with each of the image you post, make the most of this opportunity by making use of hashtags and the same keywords that your target audience is searching for in each of your post, along with a website link of course. In this way, your Pinterest page will increase your visibility and exposure, thereby providing another means for people to find your content.

3.    Create Quality Pin Boards

It is a fact that in selling online, it is difficult to get enough attention from enough potential buyers to convert sales. On Pinterest, in order to more targeted followers and get significant repins, you need to build quality pin boards. And to build quality pin boards on Pinterest, you need to pin quality, original content.

4.    Unique Content

What makes Pinterest full of marketing potential are its repinning functionality and the ability to share new content with the world. With your profile page, you must make sure to share images that are of quality and are unique and eye-catching to your targeted audience. Also, add captions. In this way, you’re enabling other Pinterest users to view the content and “pin” things they like to their own profiles where even more people will see it. As such, these are a great way to reach out to a massive audience and grow that viewership with very little input.

5.    Relevant Interesting Contents to Establish Authority

Not only should your pinboards be all about promoting your business or any given products, you also need your pinboards to offer other useful stuff too. As such, you need to pin all kinds of things you find and think your audience would find interesting, particularly those relevant to your industry or sales niche. In this way, this will be able to help visitors understand what you are about and view you as a subject matter authority.

6.    Be Proactive

To do this, you need to reach out to people who repin your contents. These repiners and followers are your potential customers and therefore you need to reach out to them. You can leave comments on a user’s pin or like their pins as this will in turn encourage them to like you back. You could also follow back those who follow you. All of these will make you grow your follower’s base. By building up followers for your Pinterest account, this will make the content you share spread further and faster, greatly increasing the SEO of the linked page.

7.    Involved Your Fans

Make use of your mailing list, customer lists, and social networks as well as your personal network of friends and family to drum up activity on your Pinterest board. Don’t hesitate to ask your fans to share photos of your product in action to provide a wider variety of engaging images for your pinboards.

8.    Link your Pinterest account to your Twitter account

In this way, you are enhancing the power of all of your efforts.

9.    Make your Pinterest more interactive for visitors

To do this, you must create a guest pin board and encourage people to pin their own relevant things there. You could also run a competition for best pin of the week and don’t forget to promote it by making use of your Twitter and Facebook accounts too.

10.    Question Board

Create a Pinterest board that allows people to ask you and your business about a certain topic. By answering and offering free advice, this is a great way to engage with customers and other prospects as well as a great way to being seen as knowledgeable and helpful.

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