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With Google+ rapidly becoming one of the five most important social networks, along with the fact that Google’s engineers had built this rapidly growing social site as a powerful SEO force that tends to dominate search results above all other social platforms, according to search engine optimisation experts, taking advantage of Google+ for your SEO has become a very important means of boosting your visibility on search results and increasing your clicks-through rate..

Here are the Ways to Take Advantage of Google+ for SEO:

1.    Build your Circles

Do things to populate your G+ account to make them look more ‘real’. You can join in other users’ Circles and invite other people in your Circles. Also don’t forget to invite all your friends and business contacts to “+1″ your page. You can also use your Google+ account to drop comments on Google Places, BlogSpot, YouTube, Orkut, Groups, and Google+.

2.    Embed Followed Profile Link

With Google+, you cannot only link to your other profiles across the web, but you can also embed followed profile links directly into your bio with the anchor text of your choice. The more people engage with you, share your posts, or link directly to your profile, the more valuable your profile links become.

3.    Post your URLs to your G+ Wall

Make sure that the content of your website is useful and interesting. This will get you +1′s, exposure to your URL and shares and click through to your website.

4.    Embed Followed Post Links

Google+ also provides you with the ability to insert followed links directly into your posts as many as you want. Just insert the full URL and this will be automatically formatted by Google as a link. The more your post is shared, linked to and +1’ed, the more the value of these links increases.

5.    Get your G+ Title Tags Optimized

Make sure to choose your keywords carefully as the first sentence of your Google+ post not only becomes part of the title tag, which is said to be highly correlated with rankings and greatly influences click-through rates, but also the first thing most people see. If you have a widely shared post with a good title, you will have an excellent chance of ranking for its given keywords.

6.    Place a “+1″ BUTTON on your Blog

This will make it easy for your friends to endorse (+1) your posts, which is a vote that creates credibility. And thus, this will help your SEO.

7.    Take Advantage of Google+ Unlimited Editing Power

Google+ enables you to fully edit any of your posts at any time. So make use of this to make updates or changes, especially if your Google+ post goes viral.

8.    Make sure to Share your New Content on Google+

There are rumors that Google tends to crawl new URLs almost instantly, which makes complete sense as part of Google+’s purpose was a replacement to Twitter when creating Google’s Realtime Search.

9.    Make Connections with Influencers

Use the 17 different notification triggers that Google+ says can help you connect with influencers in your industry. Depending on your account settings, these notifications can be in a form of an email, phone SMS, or the omnipresent red Google notification bar.

Here are the 17 actions that trigger notifications:

  • Mentioning them in a post
  • Sharing a post with them directly
  • while you’re in a circle they subscribe to, share a post
  • including them to a circle
  • making suggestions of new people to add to their circles
  • Tagging them in a photo
  • Tagging one of their photos
  • making suggestions of a profile photo for them
  • Commenting on a post created by them
  • Commenting on a post after they comment on it
  • Commenting on a photo after they comment on it
  • Commenting on a photo they are tagged in
  • Commenting on a photo tagged by them
  • Starting a conversation with them
  • Sending them an invitation or update an event
  • Reminding them about events
  • Any activity on events they created

10.    Get your Author Pic Optimized

Make sure to use eye-catching and high-quality picture. This will tend to grab more traffic for your website.

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