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With the continuously increasing competition among businesses, and the shift of people from buying at stores to online shopping, there is really a good reason for small businesses to increase their online presence so that they can still get a share of customers. And this can be done by getting into local SEO.

LOCAL SEO or local search engine optimization involves using and optimizing local map listings in order that people will find your company and get the right directions to go to it. Moreover, it also includes submitting information to the local directory and organic SEO to make the company appear at the top of search pages of Google.

It has been revealed in studies that about 90 percent of people who desire to make purchases search online. So you have to capitalize on this to gain a good share of customers.

Here are Some Important Reasons Why your Company Should Start Getting into LOCAL SEO.

1.   Greater Presence

Using and relying on traditional SEO and PPC alone will make your company lose out on real estate since real estate has increasingly been added to local results in Google. If you want greater presence for your company, use local SEO to get well-placed rankings in Google search results pages.

2.    Authenticity

With more people fearing fake and unscrupulous people and groups using the internet to strip people off their money, they now deem the local SEO as a more reliable source of authentic information. People are particularly viewing local listings on Google+ and Facebook pages as more authentic as these include maps, address verification, customer reviews, images, and videos that come along with a business page. Remember that trust is still a very important asset that you can have to win your customers and keep them coming back.

3.    Mobile

The Yellow Pages is already out and the smartphone has taken its place. And with people gaining access to this device, searches are already moved to mobile. So if you use traditional SEO, you may lose the playing field. People who are always on the go and are always traveling rely much of the time on their smartphone for directions and updates.

4.    Conversion

There is higher conversion for local searches than there is for its national counterpart. This is because geographic proximity is given much importance by customers as they click through those which are closer to their location.

5.    Easy

For companies that are not yet very familiar with local SEO, then, be assured that it is easy. You simply have to start by claiming, verifying, and then building up your company’s presence in sites like Bing, Google+, and Yahoo. You should also make use of Facebook as it is a site whose users are already discussing and promoting businesses that they support. So grab this opportunity.

By employing SEO strategies, you are bringing customers to your website to buy your goods and services.

If you are not familiar with this strategy, then engage the services of Premium SEO Solutions, the leading provider of search engine optimisation services in Australia. It will help your company gain online presence as it uses proven and ethical local SEO strategies that are tested first hand in our site.

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