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With Google’s constant efforts to target duplicate content on the web to provide the best services to its users, especially through the use of the Panda and Penguin Updates, more and more experts in SEO and social media are turning to content marketing strategy for their businesses.

CONTENT MARKETING is basically about having good content to attract links. It tends to deviate from the traditional ways of attracting links like through posting spun articles, spun blog posts, as well as duplicate articles from many directories. Simply speaking, it is a way to create and share free and valuable content in order to attract and then convert prospects into customers.

To do this, you need to write informative and unique articles in relation to your business so that your prospects will learn to trust you and do business with you.

Why is it Important to Do Content Marketing?

  • People don’t want to hear you advertise your products or services when they are already thinking about buying. What they want to hear is information that will help them decide on their purchases. You can do that by making good content.
  • When you are using social networks, it is the content that is spread and shared among users. Therefore, you, as the source, will also be cited when they get to hear your content.
  • Advertising is effective. However, it cannot always be effective especially when you are entering the realm of online marketing. Content is the best way to advertise.
  • Since people like to know more information from content, Google uses content also to rank different websites for its users.

How Will your Business Benefit from Using Content Marketing?

SEO professionals in Australia know that there are varied advantages to using content marketing. But these can be summed up in these points:

  • It brings inbound traffic to your site. When your content is great, more people will be realizing the help your site can give. As a result, Google will also rank it higher in its search results pages.
  • It builds brand awareness through engagement. When internet users see your content, they will also be able to know your brand and the services you provide. Therefore, branding is achieved and people will get to remember your company.
  • It generates natural link popularity for SEO. Popularity is achieved when content goes viral. And when this happens, you, as the source, will have a certain degree of authority which means that sites will link to you. This further spells out to ranking higher in search results pages.
  • It educates your customers. Your content will give information to your customers; thus, helping you win their trust.
  • It becomes a framework for decision making. Sometimes, the one matter that helps buyers make up their minds about purchasing is information. And that information is what they get from your content.

If you are able to reap all these benefits from doing content marketing, you will surely have authoritative links, mentions, and shares on rankings. The impact of having these is that you will be deemed an authority on the subject and that you will also rank higher in search results pages.

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