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March 22, 2012

Two major search engines placed in a head-to-head match up to see how each performed in the context of breaking news.

Leading provider of B2B inbound marketing software, Optify, just recently announced the release of the key findings of a report of a study they made that analyzes how search engines react during breaking news events.

Aimed to help B2B marketers and search engine optimisation experts in developing new strategies to drive more organic traffic to websites during breaking news events, the report compares and contrasts how the two search engine giants Bing and Google treat breaking news search queries differently from other search results, along with a list of recommendations for SEO Company, marketers, and online publishers.

For the purposes of the study, Optify recently conducted the study around three types of major breaking news event categories namely worldwide events, business news events, and local news events. Specifically, they monitored how the two search engine giants acted while dealing with last year’s earthquake and tsunami in Japan, Steve Jobs’ death, and Amanda Knox’s return to Seattle, WA. The study also examined the resulting opportunities for professional SEO ranking on Google and Bing.

According to the report, search was used without logging into Google as well as a cleared search history in order to keep the SERP clean of personalized results.

In their evaluation of the three major event types, Optify discovered that the two major search engines giants treated results differently based on authority, multimedia elements, and recency.

The study find out that, though both search engines react quickly by surfacing news, videos, images and real time updates above the ranked results, Google favors authority while Bing prefers recent results.

CEO and co-founder Brian Goffman explains that though Google doesn’t change the results as often, high authority sources are what Google tend to prioritize in their results, while in comparison Bing tend to show more recent results that are not necessarily as high authority.

Moreover, the study also discovered that on average, there are about 70% of content above the fold that was used for breaking news results rather than ranked results. During breaking news events, organic listings are bumped down the page, showing only the first and second organic results appeared above the fold.

Sponsored stories or ads also disappear from the results on both engines during breaking news stories. Goffman had speculated that advertisers may not want to be associated with breaking news.

Finally, during breaking news events, multimedia results with images and/or video are featured more prominently in the results.

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