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November 11, 2012 - If you are an SEO Expert or webmaster, you might be interested to know how Google, the search engine giant, is treating or evaluating site-wide backlinks. With the tough competition among businesses for online visibility, it has become very interesting and important for every user of the World Wide Web to know how they can leverage their businesses and become visible in search engine results pages.

Just recently, Matt Cutts of Google, discussed the treatment Google gives to site-wide backlinks. He tried to answer if it is considered by Google as something good or bad.

Cutts said that on the algorithmic standpoint, the first keywords of a series of similar keywords is rated the highest or is treated the most important. The second one is still important, though not anymore as important as the first one. And the third is not treated as much as the second. Therefore, keyword stuffing does not count or may not help your site anymore. This is the same way the search engine giant treats backlinks in a given domain.

Cutts said that if there are around 50 links from a domain, they may count these as just one. In short, they compress links that they find in domains.

He also continued by saying that if you have a Polish website and it contains a site-wide link that talks in English, that may mean that you have a blogroll and not a site-wide link. So for a manual webspam analyst, this scenario would mean that your link is commercial and looks spammy. This, consequently, may result in the poor assessment of whether the outgoing links of the site is actually trustworthy.

Such an explanation by Matt Cutts is important to SEO experts. That is why it is also as important to engage the SEO Services of an SEO expert that truly understands the guidelines set by Google to avoid being hit by the Panda and Penguin Updates.

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