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February 14, 2012 – Bing’s Search Result has a new design!

For over a few days now, there were some SEO experts and webmasters as well as users who reported and commented, with some reports and screenshots surfacing, that Microsoft’s web search engine Bing is now sporting a new user interface, which is said to be much sleeker.

Similar to Google, these new user interface (UI) are being revealed to just a small fraction of Bing searchers.

Some search engine optimization company experts have reported spotting a sleeker search look for Bing. Variations and redesigns in the look of Bing’s SERP layout have been spotted, causing search marketers to think that this update is a sign that Bing is making improvements on its appearance and usability to garner a much bigger following – perhaps particularly in light of recent Google controversies that have caused many to threaten to close their accounts.

Bing’s main changes are the top and bottom search boxes that have been widened and are more easily visible, with few databases listed above the box to switch to just Images, Videos, and Shopping in one or Images and Videos in the other. The search button icon was also changed.

Bing Logo in upper left is now also displaying a part of the daily picture behind it in a small square rather than across the whole header.

The links in the upper right are also now styled differently, with the gear icon for preferences smaller and the drop down menu for signing in larger. Icons are now used instead of text for rewards and preferences.

The vertical tabs for other databases under the search box are removed and several links were also removed from header. Location information is also no longer displayed and related searches were moved from left rail to under the search box.

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