Digital Marketing Tips From The Trade

Any retail business that wants to grow its business and succeed should invest in digital marketing. Digital marketing is complex. It can include website design, lead generation, SEO and software integration. We have compiled the best tips from experts in the industry to help you navigate the digital marketing world.

1. Communicate the right message

Answer the unspoken query. Many dealers are still using digital marketing tools, but they don’t make the same mistake in other marketing channels. This question should be answered with concrete, laser-focused answers in digital marketing messages. Follow the 90/10 rule. Email is one of the best ways to reach past customers digitally. Email can make your communications fun, informative, welcoming and entertaining. It also allows you to include 10% of flooring-related content. This will result in better results than bombarding your list with pitches to buy every time.

2. The customer experience is the most important thing

Digital marketing is now a must for any flooring dealer looking to expand their business. Equally important, the customer experience that your digital marketing delivers to consumers must be much more engaging than a website listing products and a contact number. A great digital marketing strategy, coupled with an excellent online consumer experience, is crucial to win and grow in today’s competitive marketplace.

3. Make a call for action

In my soon-to-hit-the-stands book, “The Red Hot Customer Experience,” I talk about making the most of your web marketing strategies. This means that every online advertisement should lead to a call to action that captures information from your potential customer. Give them a chance to get a coupon, or even sign up for your newsletter, even if it is not a direct sale. Don’t let them go without trying to get in touch with them.

4. Capture the customers’ intentions

“In today’s highly competitive marketplace, most customers begin their shopping journey online. Digital marketing’s main goal is to capture and attract customers’ intent when they visit your site or interact with your social-media campaign. To start 2021, we need to invest in digital marketing strategies that attract new customers, offer online advertising via Google and other social platforms, provide content marketing, including blogs, and use lead management processes to facilitate closing deals.

5. Automate and integrate

“Meet customers wherever they are online or via their smartphones. This is made easier by automation and integration. Businesses can send customers and prospects emails/text messages through integrated communication platforms. This allows them to meet a wide range of communication requirements. Dealers can build strong relationships with clients and prospects by creating segmented as well as personal email/text campaigns. This process is difficult without an integration to your sales software. This is time and effort that can be best used to sell new customers or serve your existing customers.

6. Marketing dollars should be spent wisely

Digital marketing is not a sure thing. You can spend a lot of money, but it doesn’t guarantee success. Many retailers don’t have the budget to invest in cyberspace. Two things are necessary to ensure that they get a good return on investment.


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